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Here are some common questions regarding Alternatives Advantage Treatments utilizing Termidor Transfer Site Applications & Baiting Systems:

Alternative Termite Advantage
Baiting Systems
If I have a well inside my home do I have to cap it?
Depends. Some baits are used in combination with other Termiticides.
Is there a monthly or quarterly fee?
Will my termite treatment require monthly visits which could disturb my personal time with family?
How soon will my termite treatment have impact on various termite groups?
Months or years depending on if termites even find the bait or monitors
Does my termite treatment repel or attract termites for quicker results?
Termidor is not a repellant. It is undetectable by termites thus they travel through the transfer site feeding as well as exposing themselves to Termidor. Termidor will effect the termites like a virus killing all those termites who travel through it as well as contaminating any tubes, tunnels, or exposing other termites through grooming or feeding cycles.
Baiting programs vary on success ratios. Some baits acts as repellants killing termites quickly with only minimal percentage kill. The success of baits has been very spotty and require enormous patience with minimal protection.
Does the termite treatment require expensive annual termite coverage?
No. Alternatives Advantage Aftercare Protection averages $85 per year, residential
YES. Baiting renewals can cost as much as 12 to 20 of initials cost, averaging $240 to $400 annually.
Is there an odor?
NO. In most cases but could vary.
Which treatment is most cost effective?
Alternative Advantage transfer site applications has shown to be substantially lower in most cases.
Baits are very expensive and require instrusive monthly and quarterly inspections of the home.
Will I still have a residual after 5 years?
YES. Testing of Termidor in the US and abroad have shown that in almost 6 years there has been no reduction in Termidors effectiveness.
NO. Baits have no residual and can only provide minimal protection while in the ground and are only beneficial if the system is services properly.
Do I have to drill my basement floor?
Varies on baiting systems.